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First Time Home Buyer

WELCOME!   Purchasing a home may be one of the largest financial investments you may experience in a lifetime. While it is very exciting, the process can become a bit overwhelming at times. Have no fear we take the complexities out and aid you through the complete process step by step.

We thoroughly enjoy working with First Time Home Buyers and understand you may have a million and one questions to ask. That's why we have a First Time Home Buyers packet designed explicitly for you!  Contact us for a FREE consultation. NOTE:   This consultation puts you under NO obligation to purchase a home. This is not a high-pressure sales pitch. It is merely a meeting to get to know you and assess your needs and requirements. From our past experience, we have found this method most effective! Afterwards you will leave with a First Time Home Buyer's Packet and enough knowledge to know whether you are ready to proceed in purchasing a home. The decision is yours!

If you are not ready to buy a home but would like more information, we also conduct quarterly First Time Homebuyer Seminars. FREE of charge. If you are interested, Click here! Simply give us your name, telephone number, best available time, and we will get back with you on the details of our next scheduled seminar. Again no obligations attached. Reference below agenda:

  1. Buyer's Preparation
  2. The Roles of a Realtor
  3. The Pre-qualification Process
  4. Shopping for a home
  5. Obtaining a Mortgage
  6. Closing
  7. Life as a Homeowner