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Services Provided to the Buyer

Purchasing a home may be one of the largest financial investments you may experience in a lifetime. These transactions typically exceed $120,000 + dollars. In making an investment this large, it would be foolish to enter such a transaction without the assistance of a Real Estate Professional. Especially since this service is FREE! to the buyer. While there are many services we provide, below are the top six (6) we feel are the key success factors in purchasing a home.

  1. We can help you determine your buying power. What is buying power? It is the sum of your financial reserves plus your borrowing capacity. With just some basic information we can help you understand different financial options and refer you to a Financial Institution to best suit your needs. It is always best to be pre-qualified. This gives you more bargaining power during the contract negotiations. Click here to reference Pre-qualification Checklist.
  2. We network with many different associations to assist you in your home search. Not always is the home you are looking for actively advertised in the market. With all our connections, we feel certain we can easily research and find the home that meets all your requirements.

    Don't forget to try our on-line home finder. Click here

  3. We can provide you with objective information about market values, local community, (including schools, churches, zoning, utilities, transportation etc.) There are (2) item(s) you may want to keep in mind throughout your purchasing decision:
    • Will the property provide what I want in a home or investment property?
    • Will the property have resale value when I am ready to sell?

    We can provide you with different reports to aid in your decision making process.

  4. We can assist you in the negotiation process. There are a multitude of negotiating factors involved in a Real Estate Transaction. Below are just a few of the many you may encounter.
    • Price
    • Financing Terms
    • Date of Possession
    • Inclusion or exclusion of repairs and furnishings or equipment
    • Appropriate inspections

      We can and or will advise and assist you throughout the entire Purchase Agreement. We feel this is one of the most crucial aspects of the home buying process.

  5. We can provide you with assistance during your home evaluation process.

  6. We can guide you through the complete closing process to ensure your Real Estate Transaction flows together smoothly!